Mary S. Tarsha, Sohee Park, Suzi Tortora, ‘Body-Centered Interventions for Psychopathological Conditions: A Review’,, Frontiers (24 January 2020)

Taken together, the evidence provided here indicates that certain body-centered therapies are effective at reducing certain psychopathological conditions. (…) Because there is converging evidence from several different therapies that body-centered interventions can reduce psychopathological conditions, there is evidence that suggests the body can communicate/influence the brain and alter psychopathological states. (…) Body-centered therapies are a promising line of intervention that augments the role of the body within the bidirectional communication pathway between the brain and body. These interventions alleviate physical and emotional symptoms via the manipulation of the body, which, in turn, supports the body-self connection. Further research is needed to disentangle the mechanisms underlying body-centered interventions and consider an integrative approach that includes body-centered interventions in treatment plans for psychological disorders.


Tarsha MS, Park S and Tortora S (2020) Body-Centered Interventions for Psychopathological Conditions: A Review. Front. Psychol. 10:2907. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2019.02907