Bobbi Nodell, ’Chronic sleep deprivation suppresses immune system – Study examined 11 pairs of identical twins with different sleep patterns’,, HSNewsBeat (01.25.2017).

Deprioritization of sleep

This study (…) showed for the first time that chronic short sleep shuts down programs involved in immune response of circulating white blood cells. (…) Modern society, with its control of light, omnipresent technology and countless competing interests for time, along with the zeitgeist de-emphasizing sleep’s importance, has resulted in the widespread deprioritization of sleep. (…) Immune system functions best when it gets enough sleep. Seven or more hours of sleep is recommended for optimal health.


NF Watson, MD, MS, D Buchwald, MD, JJ Delrow, PhD, WA Altemeier, MD, MV Vitiello, PhD, AI Pack, MBChB, PhD, M Bamshad, MD, C Noonan, MS, SA Gharib, MD; Transcriptional Signatures of Sleep Duration Discordance in Monozygotic Twins. 2017; 40 (1): zsw019. doi: 10.1093/sleep/zsw019