Jacqueline Howard, ‘Covid-19 neurological symptoms emerge in most hospitalized patients, study says’, https://edition.cnn.com/2020/10/06/health/covid-19-neurological-symptoms-study-wellness/index.html, CNN Health, CNN Digital (October 7, 2020)

Most patients hospitalized with Covid-19 have neurological symptoms. (…) The study highlights the high frequency and range of neurologic manifestations, which occurred in more than four fifths of Covid‐19 patients hospitalized in our hospital network system. (…) The most frequent neurologic manifestations were: Muscle pain, experienced by 45% of patients (…) Headaches, experienced by 37.7% of patients (…) Encephalopathy, experienced by 32% of patients (…) Dizziness, experienced by 30% of patients (…) Impaired sense of taste, experienced by 16% of patients (…) Loss of smell, experienced by 11.4% of patients (…) Encephalopathy was also associated with an increased risk of severe illness and death, independent of how severe a patient’s Covid-19 was. (…) The researchers also found that patients with any neurologic symptoms tended to be younger than those without.