‘Exploring the link between globalisation and stress – A direct relationship exists between stress and globalisation – i.e. transnational corporations and transnational economics – according to a recent study published in the Pertanika Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities’, http://www.researchsea.com/html/article.php/aid/9023/cid/6/research/people/universiti_putra_malaysia__upm_/exploring_the_link_between_globalisation_and_stress.html, Universiti Putra Malaysia – UPM (21 August 2015).


Results showed a direct relationship between transnational corporations or translational economics (an umbrella term that broadly describes the economic clout of multinational companies) and stress. (…) The authors recommend that further studies be conducted involving farmers in other Asian countries to confirm the relationship between stress and globalisation, and that levels of stress due to other factors (e.g., family/personal factors and/or drug use etc.) should also be assessed.