Mckrell Baier, Bob Boot, Roel Klaassen, ‘Haptotherapy & Equestrian Sports’, (Feb 23, bezocht: 25 februari 2020)

Training and coaching of riders is a matter of technique, skill and physical ability- but emotional, social and psychological aspects play a significant role as well. Personal development as a whole, is of major importance at every level of performance. Haptotherapy is a form of therapeutic guidance which stimulates personal growth, emphasizing the development of the individual’s natural ability to feel. (…) What Haptonomy explains is that emotions are not under anyone’s control- they are physiological processes that stem from the most primitive part of the brain. Emotions happen to a rider as to any other human, and for a riding instructor to be able to control what the individual himself cannot, is impossible. (…) The aim of haptotherapy is to explore the individual’s natural ability to feel and to. explore the use of these feelings in life and in personal growth. (…) From the 46 participants observed during the week long period in March 2017, Haptotherapy would appear to be a very useful practice for equestrians interested in improving their performances. (…) This collaboration, between the two professions of riding instruction and Haptotherapy, has made it evident that the need for further study is indeed necessary to collect empirical quantitative and qualitative data for determining the actual effect of Haptotherapy for riders in training and competition. Having access to a therapy for riders that allows them to be simultaneously calm and alert, better pilots and partners for their horses, could be a huge step forward for the sport and for the art of riding.