Catherine Pearson, ’Incredible Study Shows Cuddling Preemies Helps Them For Decades – Babies who had ‘kangaroo care’ were healthier 20 years later.’,, (12/13/2016).

Less aggressive, less impulsive and less hyperactive

Babies who received kangaroo care in the hospital after birth had fewer behavioral problems. (…) Study shows that kangaroo mother care gives premature and low birth weight babies a better chance of thriving. (…) Kangaroo care babies were generally found to be less aggressive, less impulsive and less hyperactive as young adults. They also had more volume in a part of the brain known as the caudate nucleus, which is thought to help with learning and memory. (…) While the study cannot establish clear cause-and-effect, outside experts say the findings hold promise. (…) The core of kangaroo care is direct, skin-to-skin contact. Babies lay on a caregiver’s chest, ideally for long stretches of time wearing nothing but a diaper and a blanket to stay warm.