‘Music helps to build the brains of very premature babies’, https://neurosciencenews.com/music-brain-preterm-babies-14095, Neuroscience News via University of Geneva (MAY 28, 2019)

Hearing system is functional early on

Music specially composed for preterm babies helps strengthen the development of neural networks and may help to limit neurodevelopmental delays often experienced by those born prematurely. (…) Brain immaturity, combined with a disturbing sensory environment, explains why neural networks do not develop normally. (…) As the hearing system is functional early on, music appeared to be a good candidate. But which music? ‘Luckily, we met the composer Andreas Vollenweider, who had already conducted musical projects with fragile populations and who showed great interest in creating music suitable for premature children’. (…) Medical imaging reveals that the neural networks of premature infants who have listened to this music, and in particular a network involved in many sensory and cognitive functions, are developing much better. (…) It was important that these musical stimuli were related to the baby’s condition.