EJ Dickson, ‘Pastel QAnon’ Is Infiltrating the Natural Parenting Community’, https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/qanon-pastel-antivax-natural-parenting-community-freebirth-1098518/, Rolling Stone, Penske Business Media, LLC (DECEMBER 14, 2020)

There’s long been a link between those who distrust hospital births and those who distrust vaccines — but Covid-19 and QAnon are making it worse. (…) “Pastel QAnon” influencers don’t necessarily overtly reference the QAnon conspiracy theory or allude to the more extremist aspects of the ideology (…) instead, they’re more likely to dabble in QAnon-associated terminology or hashtags, or post links to QAnon-related videos and documentaries. (…) In addition to the yoga and spirituality community, which is already grappling with an influx of QAnon believers, the natural-childbirth and natural-parenting communities are also starting to be infiltrated by conspiracy theorists, thanks to the convergence of various anti-vaxx and QAnon conspiracy theories that has taken place during the pandemic. To an extent, this intersection has been years in the making: while not everyone in the natural parenting community is anti-vaccine, “[there] definitely seems to be some overlap between the natural pregnancy and anti-vaxx communities”. (…) During the pandemic, with anxiety raging and people stuck indoors, conspiracy theories in general have been on a steep incline. (…) But women, particularly mothers, have proven to be exceptionally vulnerable. (…) Influencers (…) “will make the process [of eliminating Covid-19] more drawn-out than it needs be” once a vaccine becomes widely available.