Maxine Kopsa (director), ‘Paul Ryan: Threeing’,, Kunstverein (2018/06/05)

Collaborative relationships

Paul Ryan (1943–2013), was a pioneering video artist, writer, teacher and theoretician who worked and lived in New York City. (…) Much of Ryan’s theoretical work focuses on triadic behavior – the interrelation of three units or persons – codified by Ryan into the concept of “threeing” as well as the Earthscore Notational System which draws upon video to address issues of ecological sustainability. (…) Paul Ryan’s Threeing is comprised of situations in which three or more people create sustainable, collaborative relationships. (…) Kunstverein has invited Sevanne Kassarjian, a professional workshop leader who studied under Paul Ryan, to facilitate a number of sessions on Threeing. Sevanne Kassarjian: “The workshops will introduce you to the collaborative practice of Threeing and invite you to generate ways to make Threeing operative in your work and play. (….) Participants will be expected to work with both abstract concepts and the embodiment of those concepts and learn to practice Threeing in both its verbal and nonverbal versions.

Paul Ryan, ‘Threeing’

Paul Ryan, ‘Threeing’,, Earthscore (bezocht op 23 december 2018)


Threeing is a three person solution to relational confusion. At the core of this solution is a voluntary practice in which three people take turns playing three different roles; initiator, respondent and mediator. Through this role playing, a clarity about relationships emerges, and an ease. This clarity and ease can be cultivated by practice and developed into healthy sustainable relationships.




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