Olivia Goldhill, ‘Psychologists recommend children be bored in the summer’, https://qz.com/704723/to-be-more-self-reliant-children-need-boring-summers/, Quartz (June 11, 2016)

Contemplate life

Child development experts suggest that over-scheduling children during the summer is unnecessary and could ultimately keep kids from from discovering what truly interests them. (…) If parents spend all their time filling up their child’s spare time, then the child’s never going to learn to do this for themselves. (…) Boredom is crucial for developing ‘internal stimulus’, which then allows true creativity. (…) Boredom is a chance to contemplate life, rather than rushing through it. (…) Boredom is integral to the process of taking one’s time. (…) Being bored is a way to make children self-reliant.