Andrea Brandt Ph.D. M.F.T., ‘To Heal from Trauma, You Have to Feel Your Feelings’,, Psychology Today (Oct 02, 2019)

Suppressed emotions become toxic

Trauma generates emotions, and unless you process these emotions at the time they occur, they can become stuck in your system — negatively affecting you both psychologically and physically. (…) You will never resolve underlying issues if you deny and run from your feelings. (…) Suppressed emotions don’t just go away; instead, they become toxic. (…) To reach out for that metaphorical branch and pull yourself from the current, you have to find what it is in your inner world that is tethering you to your traumas, restricting your movements and limiting your choices. You have to make conscious what is unconscious. (…) To find your tether points, you don’t have to go through every experience you’ve ever had and dredge up old sorrows. Instead, look at what isn’t working well in your life right now. (…) In doing so, you shift from using the fight-flight-or-freeze part of your brain to the less reactive and more analytical one, which can explore, discover, and create.