Richard Gunderman, Brian LeLand, ‘Touch creates a healing bond in health care’,, The Conversation (May 24, 2016).

Connection and community

Despite the rise of scanners, robots and other new medical technologies, the physician’s hand remains one of medicine’s most valuable diagnostic tools. (…) For thousands of years, touch has been recognized as an essential part of the healing arts. (…) During the 20th century, wars landed many babies in orphanages, where their caretakers observed that no matter how well the infants were fed, they would fail to thrive unless they were held and cuddled on a frequent basis. Touch offers no vitamins or calories, yet it plays a vital role in sustaining life. (…) When touch is encouraged in the right ways and for the right reasons, it is good for patients, family, friends and health professionals alike. Touch is one of the most fundamental and effective ways to create a sense of connection and community.