Perri Klass, M.D., ‘What Babies Know About Their Bodies and Themselves – How infants’ brains respond to touch may indicate their understanding of their bodies, researchers say.’,, The New York Times (July 9, 2018)

Constant stimulation

Touch is the first sensory system to develop in the baby’s brain prenatally. (…) Babies as young as 7 months are able to connect self and other. (…) Their hand is like your hand, their lips are like your lips; I am like you, you are like me. (…) This process in which the baby looks out at another person’s body and sees it as being (…) like me (…) could be an important foundation for social and cognitive development. (…) Before humans have language, they have the language of touch, they communicate through the language of touch. (…) Thinking about every time I touch her hand, there’s activity sent to that part of her brain that represents her hand. (…) Constant stimulation going to her brain helping develop that area, helping their brains connect with their bodies.