Tanmoy Goswami, ‘Why we need hugs and handshakes to stay healthy’, https://thecorrespondent.com/526/why-we-need-hugs-and-handshakes-to-stay-healthy/508738748232-8f518454, The Correspondent (12 June 2020)

No other sensory input has as profound an influence on human life as touch – the first sense to develop in the foetus. People who are born blind or deaf can still develop healthy bodies and brains and live rich lives. But deprive a baby of social touch (…) and the results are disastrous. (…) As a pandemic makes touch illegal and at best scarce, the world is suffering a paroxysm of touch starvation. (…) To feel touch is to be alive. (…) The universal lament over touch deprivation brought on by the pandemic may lead us to assume that nourishment by touch was the birthright of all humans before a virus came along to spoil it for us. (…) The fact is that touch has always been about power, too. Like food or medicine, it isn’t equally distributed in society.