Sylvester Lee, ‘Why we need to rediscover the power of human touch’,, The World Economic Forum COVID Action Platform, The World Economic Forum (10 Nov 2020)

Given its power, we should try to reintegrate human touch into our lives – even as COVID-19 separates us physically even more. (…) It remains integral to our communication, even in an age of integrated technology – and it imparts emotion when verbal communication isn’t enough. (…) We have demonised touch to a level at which it sparks off hysterical responses… [and] legislative processes, and this lack of touch is not good for mental health… We seem to have been creating a touch-averse world. (…) Power imbalances make touch a dangerous weapon, and these valid fears should be properly addressed for such situations. (…) As we define and redefine the limits for this contact, we should not neglect the sense of comfort and confidence that might come through the right kinds of touch between strangers. (…) Social distancing will have a lasting effect on our communication.